Direct-To-Consumer Ecosystem
INS is developing a platform to enable direct interaction between brands and people in the consumer sector. Reaching the next generation audience via data-driven mass personalisation. The team consists of a large global collective of professionals with solid industry experience.
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Direct-To-Consumer Platform
Directly connects grocery manufacturers and consumers
Overcomes retailer domination
Offers a variety of smart contracts to facilitate operations
Uses the INS token as means of consumer loyalty program rewards
Benefits to Consumers
High-quality groceries cheaper than in stores
Groceries bought online easily and conveniently
Unlimited access to suppliers of choice
Benefits to Manufacturers
Full control of product pricing and listing
Marketing and promotion directly to consumers
Fast and detailed customer feedback
Growing Global Network
7 out of Top 20 largest global FMCG manufacturers and 100+ in total from all around the world expressed interest to join.
For Manufacturers and Suppliers
Maximum growth
Join our groundbreaking Direct-To-Consumer ecosystem. Shoppers love it when brands interact directly with them!
For Warehouse Owners
Increased profit
Join us to increase your warehouse or fulfillment center efficiency and enable higher productivity and profits!
For Logistics Companies
Higher utilisation
Achieve greater efficiency and join the sharing economy shift. Maximise return through higher utilisation!
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INS is developing a Direct-To-Consumer data-driven platform for the consumer sector. Powered by blockchain and smart contracts.
Q2 2017
INS concept created
Q3 2017
INS supported by world-known manufacturers - Unilever, Mars, FrieslandCampina, Valio, Reckitt Benckiser
Q4 2017
Token Sale completed
Q3 2018
Development of the supplier SDK
Q2 2018
Development of the INS consumer & fulfilment apps and interfaces
Q1 2018
Development of the INS Platform
Q4 2018
Geographical expansion and growing the ecosystem
Peter Fedchenkov
Brings wealth of retail and tech experience. Previously with Goldman Sachs and IBM. Teaches a class on retail at the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. Harvard Business School MBA
Dmitry Zhulin
Experienced venture capital and private equity professional with focus on retail and ecommerce. 5 years of investing experience in bitcoin and crypto-assets. Previously with VTB Capital Private Equity, Rothschild and PwC. University of London, PgD in Finance
Dmitry Khovratovich
Blockchain & Smart Contracts
4 years experience in blockchain and smart contracts. Recognized expert in cryptography and security (12 years, 2,000+ citations). Designer of Argon2 (the winner of the Password Hashing Comptition) and Equihash
Paul Yakshankin
5+ years of leading development teams. Previously with Undev, FunBox and Voltmobi. RailsClub 2016 conference speaker. Experienced in Ruby, Javascript, Erlang
Michael Schmidt
US Expansion
Entrepreneur and engineer with wealth of experience launching new technology products. Georgia Institute of Technology MS and Harvard Business School MBA
Asan Kurmanguzhin
Executive with global operational experience at different general management positions. Former Global Head of Supply at Gett. Previously with McKinsey & Company. Harvard Business School MBA
Frank van der Tol
Europe Expansion
Experienced FMCG & Retail professional (food and non-food). Over 15 years experience in FMCG/Retail, eCommerce and online market places. Previously with Accenture. Erasmus University Rotterdam Economics MSc, TIAS School for Business & Society MBA.
Maria Lapuk
Over 10 years of experience in digital PR. One of the most recognized PR leaders in the region. Maria’s awards include "PR Profile of the Year 2015", "Most Influential Networker 2013", "PR Professional of the Year 2012"
Dmitry Gladkov
Partner at Nektorov, Saveliev & Partners (#1 VC law firm award 2015). 20+ years of experience in corporate law and financing advisory. Ex-General Counsel at UBS (Moscow). LLM from University of Georgia School of Law
Team Experience
Sebastian Stupurac
Strategy advisor
Eyal Hertzog
Product advisor
Co-founder and Chief Architect
George Li
Strategy Advisor
Co-founder and CEO
Milo Sprague
Technical Advisor
Dr. Rawi Abdelal
Academic advisor
Michael Terpin
Community advisor
Founder and CEO
Prabhakar Reddy
Growth Advisor
Carl Whitley
Legal Advisor
General Counsel
David Wachsman
PR advisor
Founder and CEO
Min H. Kim
Community Advisor
Head of BD
Head of BD
Moe Levin
Community advisor
Founder and CEO
Suk Won Harold Kim
ICO Advisor
Founder and CEO
Offers a visionary blockchain-based identity verification technology and allows for on-demand, secure and lower cost access to identity protection. INS to partner with Civic to safeguard the identities of customers by authorizing via multi-factor and immutable authentication.
Press Release
Ambrosus combines IoT sensors, Blockchain technology, and smart contracts to assure the quality, safety, and origins of essential products such as medicine and food. INS to partner with Ambrosus to bring transparency to the grocery industry.
Press Release
Blockchain-based platform for financial empowerment to provide a decentralized insurance layer and improve risk assessment capabilities. INS and WeTrust are to collaborate to incentivize good behavior among users by sharing information around trustworthiness.
Press Release
INS Ecosystem and Bancor are to collaborate on Token Relay to enable decentralized liquidity. It allows to convert INS to ETH, BNT, and other tokens in the Bancor Network. Formulatic price calculation and continuous liquidity without needing to match two parties in an exchange.
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The leader in generating exposure and brand recognition for the most trusted organizations in the blockchain, digital currency, crypto-asset, and crowdfunding industries. Dozens of clients around the globe and rapidly growing teams working from New York and Dublin.
Press Release
Blockchain-based software solutions group disrupting the global payments industry. It involves development of software for retail based consumer applications and consulting advice to companies seeking blockchain expertise.
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Crypto and blockchain investments fund with the goal of creating the future of finance and consumer sector using blockchain, cryptography, machine learning and mobile internet technologies.
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Asset management company specializing in blockchain infrastructure, digital currency investment and relevant consulting services. Collinstar's mission is to invest in promising, game-changing and disrupting startups.
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Grocery Market Dominated by Retail Chains
Retailer's bargaining power negatively affects manufacturers
Limited choice and high prices burden consumers
INS proposes effective measures to build a new fair grocery market
Global grocery market size by 2020
Average markup applied by retailers to suppliers prices
Average market share of top 5 retail chains in almost all countries
Manufacturers Spend A Lot on Inefficient Marketing
Marketing is second largest expense for manufacturers after the cost of goods
70% of marketing spent on trade channels - wholesalers and retailers
Most trade marketing campaigns are inefficient that leads to higher grocery prices
INS will enable manufacturers to provide highly efficient direct rewards to consumers with INS tokens
Trade marketing
as % of manufacturer expenses
Source: Deloitte, American Marketing Association
INS tokens used for:
Unparalleled Shopping Experience
Well designed website and apps for customers to implement the user side of the on-chain access to INS smart contracts and access to products listed by manufacturers on the platform.
Buy items listed on the platform
Participate in loyalty and referral programs
Provide feedback to manufacturers
Earn and spend INS tokens
Beta products
INS Ecosystem is the global decentralized grocery marketplace powered by blockchain and smart contracts enabling consumers to buy products directly from manufacturers, enjoy low transparent prices for a wide range of high quality products, and save on direct promotions. Manufacturers compete for consumers and interact with them directly.